Constant Vigilance!
October 18th, 2021
By Eddie KeithAre we living in the end times? Maybe yes, maybe no. What is definite is that every generation has believed that their time would be the end. That Jesus would return before the end of th...  Read More
October 15th, 2021
By Jack BroomellThe series that we kicked off youth group with this fall was called Rad. We threw it back to the 90s talking about Full House, Family Matters, some of language that was used (home skil...  Read More
Live a Life That Pleases God
October 12th, 2021
By Mike BillThis past Sunday, we read in 1 Thessalonians 3 as Paul instructed the church at Thessalonica that they could live in such a way that it brings a smile to the face of God. What a picture! T...  Read More
Time to Celebrate
October 8th, 2021
By Mike BillWhat are you celebrating today?It’s a question I was challenged with about a month ago through a podcast.I’ve asked it at the end of each day ever since (I admit, some nights I fell asleep...  Read More
Freeze and Melt
October 1st, 2021
By Erika DavisSince the beginning of September, I’ve been interning in the school counseling office at an elementary school in Washington Township. For the past month, I’ve been able to work with kids...  Read More
For Good
September 30th, 2021
By Lani Cole-MitchellI’ve heard it saidThat people come into our livesFor a reasonBringing something we must learnAnd we are ledTo those who help us most to growIf we let themAnd we help them in retur...  Read More
What Can You Do?
September 27th, 2021
By Tina YerkesZacchaeus was a tax collector. That position was feared, hated, looked down upon. When he entered the room, he was the person that everyone avoided. Have you ever met someone that fits t...  Read More
Solid Ground
September 21st, 2021
By Dave ClarkHave you ever tried to build a structure on the sand, near the water’s edge?  My brothers and did this when we were just young boys.  As the tide came in, the waves soon overwhelmed our c...  Read More
Just Be Still
September 15th, 2021
By Margie Van MaterI’m sure I can safely say that many if not most of us have struggled with the feeling of being out of control over the past year. Whether it was navigating on-line learning, dealing...  Read More
Guard Your Mind
September 8th, 2021
By Rodney BoylanI’ve been contemplating the “heart” issue of our relationship with God. I don’t think everyone is wired the same. Some people can have a “feeling” relationship with God. Others, like m...  Read More
I'll Fly Away
September 6th, 2021
By Lani Cole-MitchellWhen the shadows of this life have gone,I’ll fly away;Like a bird from prison bars has flown,I’ll fly away (I’ll fly away)I’ll fly away, Oh GloryI’ll fly away; (in the morning)Whe...  Read More
In the Eye of the Storm
September 2nd, 2021
By Bill YerkesIn the eye of the storm, You remain in control And in the middle of the war, You guard my soul You alone are the anchor, when my sails are torn Your love surrounds me in the eye of the s...  Read More