Global Missions

Jesus charged us as His disciples to "Go" into all the world and preach the Gospel. Therefore, Global Missions is one of our top priorities here at St. John's. Each year, we send out servant-hearted teams to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit by boldly preaching the gospel of Jesus through church planting, service, and evangelism.  Browse below to become more familiar with our Short Term opportunities, Full Time Missionaries, and other ways you can get involved in helping us in our global missions efforts.

Short Term Opportunities

Throughout the year, we have teams that travel to places around the globe on mission trips.  Those who participate in these trips carry the Gospel with them along with food and supplies to help those in need.  For more information about upcoming mission trips, contact the church office and see how you can partner with our teams. 




Each year students and leaders from our student ministry embark on missionary journeys around the US and the Globe. In addition to the mission work they participate in, they also learn teamwork, planning, and the organizational skills necessary to be successful in missionary work.

For more information about Youth Missions, contact our Associate Pastor, Steve Ruff. 

Greater Works Outreach

Haiti, Port au Prince

Greater Works Outreach (GWO) – This Mission is located in Port au Prince, Haiti. The Greater Works Home for Girls (GWHG) provides a home for about 50 girls between the ages of 4 to 24 years old. The girls at the home are either orphaned or abandoned for mostly financial reasons. Their parents are too poor to be able to care for them or feed them. Emmanuel Merisier is the Director at GWHG and Greater Works Academy (GWA). In 1989 GWA was established to meet the need to educate the girls from GWHG. The Academy quickly expanded to include both boys and girls from the surrounding community. Today there are about 250 children from kindergarten through the 11th grade receiving an education at GWA. In October 2010 an English Institute opened at GWA. This is a dream realized as learning English can increase educational and employment prospects for the Haitian people. GWA provides a nurturing, engaging, and challenging environment where students, who might not otherwise have an opportunity to learn. These children receive a solid Christ-centered, developmentally appropriate education. 

Since the earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, under the leadership of Emmanuel Merisier, improvements have been made on the buildings that withstood the earthquake. GWA reopened in April of 2010 using tents for classrooms. It was a struggle to pay staff, and repair and rebuild the Home and Academy. The tents were deteriorating. In 2011 construction of four new classrooms was completed! A new auditorium was built. The auditorium will be used for classrooms, church services and large gatherings for missions trips when they hold Kid's Club and Rallies.

Missions teams from the US travel to the Greater Works Mission. While there they distribute food to the poor people of Haiti, conduct VBS and Christmas programs, work with and love on the children at the Home and in the Academy and help with repairs and construction sites.  

The girls from GWHG have been an incredible blessing by showing God's love to their community. They have helped with VBS, food distribution, medical mission teams and other teams that come to GWHG to volunteer. God gives Emmanuel the wisdom, provision and ability to show God's love to many who come for help through food, shelter, church services and so much more. 

Here are several ministry opportunities at GWO:

  • Spend 2 months and change a life...Teaching English at the English Institute
  • Love Thy Neighbor is a scholarship program ($30/mo) for poor children to attend GWA
  • Donations to help rebuild GWO. Make checks payable to GWO.

For more information:

The Hallahan Family

Africa, Uganda

Josh, Kelly, Caleb, Seth, Elizabeth and Rebekah Hallahan are serving the Lord with World Gospel Mission (WGM), in Uganda, Africa.  In July 2017, the Hallahan's returned to Uganda after being on Home Ministry Assignment in the US.  Josh is now Chaplin at Heritage International School (HIS) where the students come from over 29 nations from around the globe.  He will be mentoring, challenging, helping, crying and laughing with a bunch of global kids from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameeroon, Israel, So Korea, Philippines, China, Armenia, Bolivia, the Netherlands, Italy, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and many more.  As Chaplain his responsibilities consist of weekly age level chapels, secondary retreats, discipleship groups, youth groups, mission/service projects and many more.  Not all of the students are Christian.  It is very much a mission field.  Some of these students are from the most horrendous background we can imagine and Josh gets to be part of their transforming process.  These students will grow and go back to their home country and sometimes literally be tomorrow's leaders around the world..

Learn more about Josh and Kelly or contact them at:


Asia, South East

D&M were led by God to Taiwan in late summer 1985 and have been serving the Lord in South East Asia since that time.  In addition to pastoring, a large part of their ministry has been with young people, leadership training courses for pastors in restricted areas, and discipleship.  D's focus is to encourage young pastors in SE Asia as they carry such heavy burdens and deep wounds.  M worked at a Counseling Center mentoring HS girls for over 20 years until the end of the school year in 2015. 


In September 2016 D & M moved to another location in SE Asia and D is visiting factories again on a regular basis.  As he encourages the managers he is simultaneously encouraged and burdened for them.  D believes it is such an incredible honor and eternally rewarding business.  M has secured two part-time jobs.

For more information, please contact the church office

George & HARRIET Walker

Papua New Guinea

George & Harriett Walker spent 18 years with New Tribes Missions (NTM) in Papua New Guinea with the unreached tribal people, the Bisorios. After developing an alphabet for the Bisorio people, the next step was to translate the Bible into the Bisorio language. Harriett and Nobie Kennel taught literacy to the Bisorio. They discipled several of the Bisorio people who are now pastors and great teachers of the Word. The Bisorios now reach out to other tribal groups, teaching them and leading them to put their trust in Christ. George and Harriett continue to return to the Bisorios each year to guide and help the Bisorio church. Some have described George as one of the most gifted teachers and story tellers in NTM. You can read about their life in Papua New Guinea in their book, What's Going on Downriver?. George came to the Lord under the ministry of Rev. Howard Gifford at St. John's UMC, Turnersville, NJ. The Bisorio Bible was completed in 2014.

In the Fall of 2010 George and Harriett moved to NTM main training center in Missouri. George and Harriet consider it a privilege to have an intimate part in training and discipling the next generation of missionaries. Most of those training are in their 20s and 30s and are preparing to take the Gospel to the least reached peoples around the world. George and Harriett's desire is not only to finish well themselves, but to help train others to finish well.

For more information: (George) (Harriett)

W & V (Names are not given due to security & safety precautions)

W. Asia

W and V are serving in W. Asia through Wycliffe Bible Translators. They engage in Biblical translation, church leader training and evangelism.

W & V arrived in W. Asia 18 years ago.  The Lotari (not their real name) people had no written language and naturally nothing available for them to read. Today, they have an alphabet, consisting of 41 characters.  W  functions as the linguistic consultant to the team of people involved, most of whom are citizens of the country.

For more information, contact the church office

Nehemiah Mission - Becky Trout

Ohio, Cleveland

The Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland rebuilds the lives and homes of the physically and fiscally challenged of Cleveland through volunteer mission groups that improve living environments in order to sow seeds of hope for individuals and neighborhoods. After graduating from High School, Becky Trout knew that God had called her to this Mission. Becky learned an entirely new culture while being introduced to a Liberian Refugee Community. She started an after-school program with 45 children, over half of them being Liberian Refugees. The Liberian community was brought to Cleveland in 2004 due to a civil war in their country. Many of the children and teens were separated from their mothers and were brought to the United States under the care of an elderly grandmother. The children had no education and were oppressed by the Cleveland public school system. Nehemiah Mission now represents these children. Becky oversees four girls, working with the schools on the their behalf. Through Nehemiah, Becky works closely with the Liberian community. She also works with teens at an urban church and serves with over 3,000 mission trip volunteers every year. She also works in the Cleveland public schools as a basketball coach and youth leader. Becky assists the Liberian community in case management through an HIV/AIDS organization called Nueva Luz as a translator and appointment assistance. Bible studies were started in the fall of 2015 for the teens as they needed a safe place to experience life and Christ together.

For more information:


Kids alley

camden, NJ

KIDS ALLEY is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization reaching out to inner-city children and their families with weekly programs.  These children live in the city of Camden, New Jersey considered to be the most violent and impoverished city in our country.  An estimated 42.5% of Camden's nearly 80,000 residents live below the poverty line.  Kids Alley has been reaching out to the children in Camden since 1998 with a mission, a vision, and a promise.

The Kids Alley mission is to bring immediate RELIEF for children and families in need or at risk; to RESTORE to them their dignity as a human being; to EMPOWER them with the knowledge and support to rise above their circumstances-therefore attaining and sustaining REAL GROWTH.

Kids Alley Learning Center (KALC) is an academic support program offered after school for elementary - middle school students. The Saturday program offers something for children 3 years old through adult.  Summer programs are also available.  KALC serves as a safe and loving haven with the focus on each child receiving the attention and affirmation he or she needs.

For more information:



Jim and Margie Van Mater and their family have been supporting the needs of the Haitian orphans since 2012.  'Our Faithful Provisions' grew out of a deep concern for the people of Haiti after watching a YouTube documentary on “Dirt Cookies” that far too many citizens of Cite Soleil are forced to eat as a result of the economic and social conditions in Haiti.


This Mission provides nourishing meals to the people of City Soleil through monetary donations.  Food is purchased and packaged through partners in Haiti and then it is distributed to the families ranging from 2 to 9 members in City Soleil through the local school Ecole Miste LaRedemption.  Cite Soleil's population is 400,000 and is the poorest city in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.  The poverty level is only $2 per day.


For questions email: Jim VanMater

Adopt a Mission or missionary!


Why adopt a Mission or a Missionary?


Adoption by definition suggests a level of commitment and an attitude of ownership. Adoption describes the strong relationship that should be between missionaries and the churches, family, and friends that pray and support them.  

Adopting a child isn't something that is “done” and then over with, the adoptive parents invest in the life, growth, and development of the child. Adopted missionaries should have the same care and investment. They need to be encouraged and built up regularly.  

Won't you prayerfully consider adopting a missionary and invest in them through your support, prayer and a personal relationship through communication. We are not all called to leave our homeland and go to another country, state, or city. But, we are called to be co-laborers and to be involved in the Great Commission to reach souls for Christ. (Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8)

Adopting a missionary does not have to be a solitary activity. You can join a group of fellow believers and support a mission/missionary together. You can share information, pray together, coordinate care packages, and be an advocate for your mission/missionary together.  


How to adopt a Mission or a Missionary?


Prayerfully read about the missions and missionaries above. Ask God to show you what He would want you to do to be a part of His Great Commission.  Fill out an Adoption Form via the link below. The Mission Committee will see that you get more information about your adopted missionary. 


How you can care for a mission or missionary....


Prayer – Prayer is the life blood of missions-and missionaries need it!!! Nothing is more humbling and encouraging as when someone is told, “We've been praying for you”.

Encouragement & Communication – Email or contact them monthly. If they are in a foreign land it is often like being on another planet and they need people who will keep them connected to the life they left.

Build a Relationship – Invest the time to get to know and understand your mission/missionary. Show interest in what they do. If they visit our church, be their official host.

You can go to for more ways to care for and pray for your adopted mission or missionaries effectively.

This opportunity can be for Individuals or Ministry Groups!