Sunday Mornings


Worship is something we can do individually, but God places special importance on believers worshiping together.

Sunday mornings at St John's is a great place to come together to celebrate everything that is happening in our body of believers. We take time to connect with each other as well as worship together through singing, sharing God's Word as well as through prayer. You will find that St John's is a place where you are welcomed by people who genuinely love Jesus, and want to show His amazing love to others.



Our worship services are as diverse as the many people who make up our congregation.


8:30am - Traditional Worship Service  

     This service takes place in the Sanctuary and features classical Christian worship elements such as

     the singing of hymns, reciting of the Apostle's Creed, music from the St. John's Choir and

     is followed by a specially prepared message. 

9:50am - Soul Solutions Adult Bible Studies

     Sunday School for Youth and Kids

                For more information, click the images below.

11:00am - Contemporary Worship Service

     Located in the Family Life Center (FLC) and features a more modern worship service where

     contemporary worship anthems are led by our Worship Team followed by a specially

     prepared message.

During our Worship Services, Nursery Care is provided for Children up to 4 years of age

and Children Programs are provided for 3 years of age to 5th grade.